Young Future Shapers℠ is a program led by Power of Art, that is being done in collaboration with sister and partner organizations as listed in the About section.

1 – About The Program

This program is not an education or training program – it is an actual project development program that candidates will undertake. Any learning outcomes and knowledge attained through this experience comes through any of the stages of the program, Discovery, Prototyping & Launching is a by product of the project development and is not academically certified in anyway.  The desired end result and deliverables are each participant will have a conceptual or working prototype version of their idea; whether that is an initiative, a software/app, a socially-responsible program or even just implementing an idea of their own volition.


Our evaluation team shall review all submissions and interview the shortlisted candidates to better evaluate their capabilities and potential.  The selected entrepreneurs will be given access to resources allocated as per their chosen endeavors and work with our teams to bring the solutions to reality.


The YFS program pulls in various resources from partners and networks in order to assist all YFS participants in the execution of their project.  The costs associated with the program are to facilitate the necessary resources to launch a minimum viable product of their idea.   Designers and developers time are accounted for in the program as once again this program is not about educating or teaching the participant to do those tasks, but rather put them in a project managing role of executing on their idea.  


For ideas that exceed a traditional projects estimated costs, the mentors will assist participants in validating and reviewing the feasibility of their project and assist them in creating a proof of concept and investment pitch that candidates could use to further pursue their ideas.  

If selected as a candidate, the parent/guardian will have to pay the YFS participant’s selected program costs for enrolling in the program.  In case of non-payment and no Sponsorship opportunity, the candidate will be removed from the approved list and the next approved candidate shall be considered.

It is highly advised only teens and young adults who are actually motivated to do something and make a difference apply to the program.  Although the program would provide anyone partaking to use the end result as a showpiece for their CV/résumé we do not believe everyone is motivated to follow through.

Corporate Sponsorships

Scholarships offered are at the discretion of the Corporate Sponsor wishing to support Young Future Shapers of their choice. Corporate sponsorships come in two forms: Individual Candidate Sponsoring and YFS Resource Sponsor, through offering useful resources that would help the candidates and the program succeed.  For corporate sponsors interested in Individual Candidate Sponsoring, they will have a chance to review the eligible candidates who have opted for the Sponsored Program prior to sponsoring. The Corporate Sponsor will not have any stake or equity in the young entrepreneur’s venture and merely is providing the funds to necessitate their journey.