Corporate Support for Young Entrepreneurs

The program is made possible thanks to the support of the various partnerships we have, but as we grow and want to offer more opportunities to more Young Future Shapers, we are always on the look out for Corporate Sponsors that would be a good fit.

Not all corporate and partner support comes from monetary support, but also offering skilled expert volunteers and mentors.  As well as venue space and even cross industry collaboration to assist the YFS participants to validate their idea in the real world business market.

Become a Sponsor


If you are a skilled expert in some field that could be of use to the Young Future Shaper program and would like to volunteer your time and to mentor them towards the realization of their idea, please apply below.  

We vet all candidates and meet with them to go through an orientation process. Mentors will be working with the YFS participants as well as the team involved in bringing the ideas to life.  

The type of time commitment is dependent on the mentor and where possible they will be compensated in some form of appreciation.

Become a Volunteer