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Global Student Entrepreneur Awards – UAE

At Young Future Shapers, we are always supporting young entrepreneurs and had an opportunity to take part in the EO GSEA UAE finals as a judge.  Our Innovation Director was among the judges evaluating the student entrepreneur’s who have accomplished so much while balancing life as a student as well as an entrepreneur. The student […]

Richard Branson on Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Helping Others

There was a recent blog post by Virgin  on Sir Richard Branson’s views on “Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Helping Others”.  The article itself was insightful into how and why Richard Branson setup Virgin Unite and the B Team to working towards the creation of B-Corporations which means they focus on planet and people as well […]

Rolex Awards Young Laureates

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise supports inspiring individuals who carry out innovative projects that advance human knowledge or well-being.  At Young Future Shapers, we applaud Rolex’s efforts to promote young innovators and their vision.  As Rolex states about their Award: If you are between 18 and 30 years old with vision and a ground-breaking proposal […]