Richard Branson on Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Helping Others

There was a recent blog post by Virgin  on Sir Richard Branson’s views on “Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Helping Others”.  The article itself was insightful into how and why Richard Branson setup Virgin Unite and the B Team to working towards the creation of B-Corporations which means they focus on planet and people as well as profit.

The main takeaway is that to pursue profit does not mean we have to forsake the planet and people.  People can refer to employees as well as consumers.

At Young Future Shapers, we work to instill this mindset in all the Young Future Shapers that go through our program.  Profits can be attained through sustainable as well as well-intentioned practices.  We often hear stories of greed-motivated CEOs and their Golden Parachutes, and although we might like to think this generation would be different and they will care more for their peers and planet, we know that money has a way to justify it’s means.  If our future leaders understand the benefits of having sustainable practices for both the planet and their people, they can achieve far more success than even the most greed-oriented industries… think Apple, Google or Facebook, in how they have very forward thinking principles and practices for the planet, people and their profits are still going stronger than ever.

As Sir Richard Branson points out, “We don’t need to look far to see that greed is doing a lot of harm around the world. We’re still emerging from a financial global crisis that is still affecting many people – and business played a huge role in sparking this disaster.”  The actions of the greed can have far-reaching consequences that hurt many more people and the planet as well.  It’s upto the next generation to correct this distorted principles that have become the norm in many traditional institutions of today.

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