Treat Them Like Adults

You know what we’re talking about… there is a tendency by adults to talk to young adults as children and even sometimes going as far as treating them as so.

Bringing kids into adult conversations, adult situations, and pushing communication development at an early age allows them to think of situation to the full capacity of their mind. The steady shrinking of attention spans has made the ability to focus a huge challenge and by not talking to young adults as adults, but treating them as children only does their critical thinking skills a disservice. Parents are helping kids give up on hard work, instead of pushing it. Encourage your children to finish everything they start and speak to them about situations in an adult manner.

Our children, whether Gen Z or Gen Y, have seen the downturn of the recent global recession in 2008 first hand.  They’ve witnessed job losses and economic downturn in the news, thus they are not isolated from the realities of the world no matter what we want to think. It’s important we encourage children to work hard to keep and stay on task when working on projects. Don’t give them an easy out but instead push them to succeed in the real world.

At Young Future Shapers, we work with these young adults and mentor them in the way we have done in the past with any of other entrepreneurs.  We push our candidates to think beyond constraints and challenge conventional assumptions, to push through and come up with breakthrough ideas.  Our team of experts work with them to shape and implement their ideas; we guide them carefully through thought processes however we also don’t dumb things down as they are more capable than many adults tend to give them credit for.

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